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Crickheath Wharf

1794 Construction of the Montgomery Canal began and was completed in August 1797. The engineer was Mr John Dadford.

1926 map showing the Crickheath tramway coming through Llynclys down to Crickheath Wharf on the Montgomery Canal.

Source Wilf Jones.

Photo believed to have been taken about 1900 showing one of the tramway trucks on the side of the canal at Crickheath Wharf. The gantry was constructed to enable the truck to be lifted at the end nearest the horse and it would tilt and the load of limestone would slide into the canal barge. The remains of a similar truck have been found in the canal. Some of the steel work including the nuts and bolts showing the size of the woodwork are there but not the wheels. Hopefully a metal detector will recover the wheels in the dry canal bed. A truck will then be able to be constructed. No other such truck is known to have survived..

Remains of the steel work found in the canal bed from one of the Tramway trucks. Note the nuts and bolts are still there giving the dimensions of the wooden planks, as in the above photo from 1900.

Source Ken Owen.

A copper metal strip which is believed to be a measuring strip which would have been attached to the barge to measure the weight of the stone after having been tipped in from the horse drawn trucks. A number of these have been unearthed recently in the garden of Pear Tree Cottage (The terminus of the Crickheath Tramway) during an organised search with metal detectors.
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