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Dyffryn Tanat and Region Development Trust
Chairman Ken Owen QGM
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Rednal RAF Airbase

Operational 1942 to 1945

Click on the Link to access the Map of the RAF Rendal Airbase from 1945


Pete Brown - Chief flying officer Rednal

Control Tower

Margaret Haye (MaggieStraw) and Vera Isherwood

Inside the tower (Vera Isherwood)

5 - Pierre Clausterman - French Pilot

70/S control tower - October 1944

Don Finkley - Battle of Britain pilot

Flight Hut

Spit on Airfield.png

View on cockpit


Spitfire at Rednal

Spitfire with Toby NeilBoch

Drogue Target pulled by Lycauder

Crash crew outside tower with Vera

Met Crew on top of tower

Vera and others on top of the tower

Maggie and Vera

Dakotas after D-Day June 1944

Fred Saffri

Hospital Staff

Hospital Nurses

Driver (Transport)

Stanley Lister - Pilot crashed into the Barn on airfield

Fire Building next to Control Tower with Fire Engine

Spitfire outside control tower

Large hanger (where the woodyard is now)

Airmen on their Cycles
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