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Croxons & Co. coal & Lime masters Sweeney Drill Works & at Morton Oswestry.
1885 Trefoner Colliery Co. Trefonen Oswestry.


Croxons & Co Drill Colliery Sweeney Oswestry.
Thomas Savin Tref-ar-Clawdd Oswestry.
Thomas Walmsley Trefonen Colliery Co. Trefonen Oswestry.
Thoma Bennett Maesbury Oswestry
British Coal Co's Works Coed -y-go Tref-ar-Clawdd Oswestry

Richard Samuel France Nantmawr Trefonen Oswestry.
Oswestry Coal & Brick Co.Ltd. The Drill & Sweeney Works Oswestry.

Trefonen Colliers Co. John Heathcote manager Trefonen Oswestry

Holing under. A collier cutting under the seam. After cutting out the correct amount, the supports were withdrawn and the coal felled with the aid of bars. In this way the coal fell in larger lumps, making it easier to hand

Source Gordon Hillier.

An 'Air Door Boy' This was how the youngest children were generally employed. A child of five was expected to sit alone in the darkness for 10 hours, opening the air doors for wagons to pass through.

Source Gordon Hillier.

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