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Sweeney Hall

Gough in his History of Myddle says "This Mr(Thomas) Baker erected a new fair house at Sweeney. I have heard Mr Baker say it was wholly built in 16 weeks". In 1686, according to the receipt for the hearth tax, there were 19 hearths in Sweeney. In 1796, Sarah, daughter and heiress of George Browne of Oswestry and Granddaughter and heiress at Law of Thomas Browne of Sweeney, married Thomas Netherton Parker of The White House, Longdon, Co. Worcestershire. Thus the Parkers became seated at Sweeney.
The early house, of which there is no drawing, was taken down in 1805 by Thomas N Parker, when he built the house shown in the sketch, on the same foundations. The terrace in front of the stone part of the house was built in 1821. The east wing together with the corridor were built in 1832. Thomas N Parker died in 1848, the Rev John Parker, his only surviving son died 1850 leaving the estate to his sister Lady Leighton who died in 1864 leaving the estate to her husband Sir Baldwin Leighton. He conveyed it in 1869 to his second son Stanley Leighton by deed of gift.
The house was re-edified in 1873 by Stanley Leighton. Pountney Smith of Shrewsbury was the Architect and Thomas Groves the builder, the cost being 700. The same year an addition to the terrace was made by Stanley Leighton and the earth which formed a bank on the north side of the house was removed to the south side.

1875 map showing Sweeney Hall with the Lodge or Gatehouse in the upper left of the map. Note in the centre, an Ice House, on the edge of a small plantation.

Plan of Sweeney Hall. Date believed to be 1880's.

Source Wilf Jones.

Sketch of the Lodge drawn by Stanley Leighton , dated 18th April 1872.

Sketch of Sweeney Hall done by Stanley Leighton, dated September 1874.

Sweeney Hall is now a hotel and restaurant.
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Sweeney Hall as it is today
Source Ken Owen.

Photo of Stanley Leighton

Box with brass plate engraved with ' Stanley Leighton Esq MP, Deputy Lieutenant', complete with lock key and brass hinges recovered from Morda scrapyard.

Source Ken Owen.

Brass plate on top of box

Source Ken Owen.

1954 OS 6" map showing the boundary of the Sweeney Hall Estate.

Source Wilf Jones.
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